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Are you contemplating in getting a dragon tattoo and yet still undecided in what specific design to use? Well this article may sway your decision in favor of the Chinese dragon tattoo. A dragon is a mythical creature that plays a significant part in the Chinese history and culture. The dragon signifies mystical and lordly dominance and are said to be living in majestic divine kingdom. According to legends, they can also change shape and form and can create cloudbursts at their will.

With dragons being so popular and revered in the culture of China, it is even assumed that the Chinese people are dragon descendants. Another affirmative impact of dragons in China is the belief that dragons have the pearl of wisdom. Soon enough the pearl of wisdom possessed by dragons represents the pureness of the thoughts of the king and the flawlessness of his decrees.

Even in religion, dragons have a big role. In Chinese Buddhism, the dragon is the protector of Buddha as well as the laws of Buddhism. Dragons are etched on both on tomb walls and temple doors. They provide shield to any evil spirits that lurks around these places.

These are just some of the wondrous characteristics of the Chinese dragon. If you think you are somehow in parallel with these powerful features then the Chinese dragon tattoo is for you, a Chinese dragon tattoo that portrays a sense of loyalty and dedicated among others. You never know, the magic of the Chinese dragon can stroke your life with strength and power.

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