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So hello My inked members I hope you had a great weekend I had a relative one I like not sleeping and drinking a bit so this weekend I relaxed a bit slept a minimum always good makes you feel normal again so today I have one little design for you it is the fiery demise of my mind so here we go

On Fire

My mind is alive with the restoration of things old and distraught what happens if you get caught and burnt what happens if you die do you stay alive with time or do you burn why is it that I so yearn the levels of my inner flesh comes alive with the evil at its best I am hatred and fire spiritual demise I am over the world but slave to its child I am in the world forgotten souls lost in transit like the digital woes I am fear and regret hatred and for long I was sold and outdated yet dreamed of lust strung out and upset now my life I is lending regret if I could have if I should have dream sided violations of an ocean side realm sleeping forever is some of my wishes what have you got to sell by my life with blood and fire as I am

you on On FIRE
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