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Many people love to wear flip flops, especially when they go the beach or even stroll along the side walk. And what makes a better fashion statement on the foot when wearing flip flops is to have a tattoo on it.

If you are an enthusiast of body art, you can try to consider getting free foot tattoo designs that can compliment your over-all fashion statement. There are hundreds of websites that showcase different patterns for your foot tattoo, and it is best to browse over some of these sites in order for you to have the best idea of which design would fit your personality, or which one would be suitable for your outfit of the day.

Some of the ideal designs, especially when you will be walking on the shore or beach markets are butterflies, flowers, tiny fishes, dolphins, or a crazy sun shapes. There are also tattoos that have a touch of Celtic, Gothic, or Tribal, and you can also select those that have vector designs.

If you will just be walking around the streets on an ordinary day, you can choose a more simple design, such as stars, hearts, or characters and symbols from Chinese, Arabic, or Egyptian scripts. It is better if you can place the tattoo behind or back of your foot so that it will be well emphasized.

Foot tattoos are indeed fashionable. So if you haven't gotten one, it is better to search for the best free foot tattoo designs and head to the nearest tattoo parlour and have it permanently inked on your skin.

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