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Have you noticed the writings on the pots and plates in the Chinese restaurants? Even their chopsticks, dresses, and other accessories were designed with Chinese calligraphy. It's so nice to see and use those china wares with artistic writings. It's like eating in an emperor's palace.

You can't help but notice the different strokes of the brush used in every writings and paintings. It's as if every single word is an art to master. I can't stop wandering if all Chinese were calligraphers. Even my kids asked me the same questions.

Maybe we can learn their skills in doing the calligraphy. I read that there are special learning centers for these kind of skills. Even though we are not Chinese, they would still teach us the different steps of calligraphy.

Would you like to enhance the artistic side of you through the well known oriental Chinese calligraphy? You can create your own designs that you can put on your personal things such as hankies, bags, wallets, notebooks and many other things. You can also give your own creation of Chinese calligraphy gifts for your loved ones and friends.

There are many ways you can make use of this art and have fun while doing it. One way is by painting or writing the names of all family members on a piece of cloth and put it on top of your center table. At first, they will not recognize the names because the art appears to be an abstract one.

Try convincing them to learn the calligraphy by asking them 'What's your name look like when written in Chinese calligraphy?' They would surely agree and, without your knowing, they are already on their way to writing their own names.

When they finally learned how to write their own names, they would eventually recognize that the abstract art painted on the table cloth is their names in calligraphy. You could even print out tattoos on transfer paper.

Another way is if you want to make your mugs personalized for each family member, you can paint their name on their favorite colored mugs. When you serve their breakfast drinks every morning, they would be delighted to see their names on it. This could also motivate them to finish their drinks before going to school or to the office.

Your family will really appreciate your effort and your skills of calligraphy. You don't have to be an oriental native to be able to practice this form of art.

This type of oriental arts were appreciated and recognized around the world. Many people are attracted to this art of writing, especially if their own name was the object of this art. They would even shout out loud that it was their names written in Chinese.

There are many kinds of this art already exhibited around the world. Some work of arts and master pieces were well-known and some were ignored.

We don't have to be an artist to be able to relate to this art. Just as long as we appreciate the art itself, we are already artists in our own way.

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