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The Beauty of Celtic Tattoo Designs

Celtic tattoo designs are among the top favorite tattoo design choices among people who want to get inked. Celtic tattoos, with its beautiful knots and symbolisms, are very intricate and interesting pieces that are sure to capture any person’s attention. It not only is pleasing to the eyes, but it actually packs a lot of history, culture and heritage into the design.

The history of the Celts goes back thousands of years ago. At some point, the whole of Europe was actually Celtic, and England was governed completely by the Celts. They had their own language, culture, and religion. The symbols that they used during those ages served as the basis for today’s modern Celtic tattoos.

Originally, the Celtic people worshipped several gods and goddesses but as time passed, they were eventually exposed to Christianity. This change is evident in the symbols and shapes that they use, which incorporated many Christian elements such as crosses and stars. Most of the Celtic tattoo designs used today were also based on symbols form illuminated manuscripts and ancient art from England, Scotland and Ireland.

The Celtic warriors covered their bodies with tattoos as a sign of their courage and strength. During wars, they went to battles bare-chested so their tattoos can easily be seen by their enemies. It was thought that their tattoos could instill fear and intimidation in their rivals and enemies, and they wore it proudly. During those times, having numerous tattoos was a sign of fearlessness and bravery.

Today, Celtic tattoo designs have evolved, incorporating several traditional Celtic symbols into the tattoo. Most of these designs were customized to portray the different representations in Celtic art.

A prominent feature that makes Celtic tattoo designs a favorite is its intricate and elaborate knot work. These knots look like interwoven ropes or vines and are usually designed to form a certain shape or pattern for the tattoo. The possibilities are virtually endless, as these knots can be made to form any shape from the simplest crosses and circles, to the more complicated stars and other combinations. And what’s especially interesting about this knot is that it forms a complete cycle, and there’s basically neither beginning nor end to a Celtic knot. It just goes on an on to form your desired tattoo design.

If you’re one of those individuals fascinated with Celtic tattoo designs or if you have a Celtic heritage and you want to express your pride in being a Celt, getting this tattoo is definitely for you. However, you must keep in mind that because of its intricacies, not many tattoo artists can give you the precise line placement and details needed to ink an impressive Celtic tattoo. It is usually one of the tougher tattoo designs and if you want to get inked, it helps to choose the right tattoo artist who has a lot of experience in inking Celtic designs.

Celtic tattoo designs are beautiful tattoos for those who have an eye for detail and intricate art work, and for those who appreciate the rich history and culture that comes along with it.

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