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Above, I mentioned a man with a heart on his outer left bicep.

Later that same day, I met Jessica on the R train.

A California transplant now living in Brooklyn, she had this beautiful heart done at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention:

It's your standard heart on the sleeve motif, but this piece is a little more biologically correct and features two small birds holding a ribbon up around it.

Jessica wasn't sure of the name of the artist on whom this work was based, but the end result was a tattoo that recalled the original piece, although not copying it.

This tattoo was inked in a little over an hour at the convention by Rick Lohm at Scarab Body Art Studio in Syracuse, New York.

Work from Scarab has appeared previously here on Tattoosday.

Thanks to Jessica for sharing her tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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