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The worst possible things anyone can do is go out and get a tattoo when they are mad and angry at someone just to spite them. When one gets a tattoo they should be in a calm state of mind. Being upset and mad at someone is the worst possible time to get a tattoo. Tattoos should not be gotten on a whim. They need to be planned out and constantly thought about. After all you will be living with your tattoo decision for the rest of your life so you better make darn sure that whatever design you are picking out, the location on your body where you want it, the size and the color is something that you will be able to live with and have no regrets about.

If you are upset at someone because they don't want you to get a tattoo you shouldn't just go out and get one anyway. You need to listen to their reasons to why they don't want you to get the tattoo and see if you can come to a compromise. If you simply can not some to a compromise you need to just think long and hard about your decision to get some body art. Don't get a tattoo just because, you will most certainly end up regretting that decision later on in life. Remember tattoos are a beautiful thing and are a form of expression, just make sure you want to express your tattoo for the rest of your life.

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