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A lot of parents fear that one day their children will come to them asking if they can get a tattoo. Which in all honesty isn't that big of a deal, your children can ask for a lot worse. But parents who already have tattoos more than likely don't have this problem but do they? Interestingly enough there are several tattooed celebrities out there that are too keen on the idea of their children following in their footsteps, which is a little hypocritical. So if you don't want your children to have one tattoo or be covered in tattoos maybe you should think long and hard before you get one yourself. After all your children will not understand why you can get tattoos and they can't. If you had a bad tattoo experience than you should talk to them about it and help educate them in not making the same mistake that you did. But don't tell them they can't get one, because they will more than likely just go out and get one without your permission, if they are of legal age there really isn't anything that can be done about it.

Take soccer star David Beckham for instance, he has nearly half of his body covered in tattoos and he recently shared that one of his three boys expressed that they wanted to get tattoos just like daddy and couldn't wait to get them. David seemed like he didn't want his son to follow in his footsteps and told him he would have to wait a very long time for that and also added he hopes he give up on it.

So if you ever think you will have a problem with your children getting tattoos than you probably shouldn't get one yourself.

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